Is There A Cloud Bill Of Rights On The Horizon?

Everyone is waiting to see if The Cloud will be the next big thing or just another idea that falls by the wayside as the Internet rumbles along. One thing is for sure either way, the smart internet based business owner is waiting to see what kind of Cloud there is on the horizon by staying informed. Although there have been many positive reports about what this shared resource will be able to do, there are already a few misgivings and concerns creeping up in the industry based media.

Here’s one of the latest proactive solutions from ReadWriteCloud which is a department of the respected ReadWriteWeb. It’s even interesting to note that the industry zine has devoted a section to The Cloud. Obviously they see big things happening in the future one way or another. Anyway back to the point at hand.

The zine reports that there have been incidents in the past through the last several  months that are pointing already towards some kind of regulation for The Cloud or at least, as one article puts it, A Cloud Computing Bill of Rights. Although that hasn’t been drafted in any kind of final form so far, Chief Scientist JP Rangaswam has been able to come up with some interesting suggestions that might pave the way for a better experience in The Cloud for everyone involved.

So here goes.

Not surprisingly transparency tops the list. There are those who think that The Cloud should model itself after the International banking system and have the same kind of transparency in many ways. For example, the proposal put forward for companies that sell enterprise Cloud computing platforms wants them to include detailed explanations of their information handling processes on public websites. This  is really nothing new but it will make it so that these companies that are delving into this new arena will be held accountable right from the start.

There is also some concern about the customer service features that will be provided, and although it’s hard to suggest particulars here since the medium is still developing, it’s a good idea to mention the fact that some kind of customer service transparency needs to go hand-in-hand in many areas including where the customers data is being stored.

There are other concerns for including some kind of downloadable format that should be made available to clients and the fact that it is suggested Cloud computing companies should use a third-party auditor to make sure that they are complying with all of the other proposals. Although these proposals are still in draft stage they are obviously striving to be as complete as possible by even mentioning that customers should be notified of any known security problems right away.

The need to get this part of The Cloud experience out of the way early and start the conversation about security comes in part as a result of dropping the Wiki leaks main site recently. Industry insiders are saying it’s just this kind of action that will propel discussions about The Cloud forward quickly.

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Getting The “Out There” Factor

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The average person surfing the net will see your blog more than once before they actually decide to go ahead and read or better yet subscribe to your blog, that's why it's important to be in as many places as possible. Of coarse there will be times where you'll get some instant readers, specifically coming in from search engines but the more your "out there" the better your chances are of getting traffic and loyal readers which is what I call the "Out There" Factor.

When a business starts up online and wants to get their brand out to people as fast and efficiently as possible they tend to use this technique through CPM advertising which means they pay a specific price per 1000 ads viewed, opposed to paying per click, per sale or for a specific amount of time on a site. This method in some cases may not be the most effective for initial sales but it gets their product, brand, service, etc in the back of peoples minds and starts to get them familiar with it a.k.a "out there".

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The Paying Route

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