Get A Mobile Landing Page and QR Code for Your Social Profiles with Voxini

How do you share all of your social profiles and contact info with others? Do you list out your social profiles individually or do you have a single URL to give them? How about your contact information? Do you often give out your email address or phone number even though you would prefer not to? Well Voxini, the easiest way to share your social profiles on mobile devices, has found a simple solution for you.

With Voxini, you get to create a mobile landing page that displays links to all of your social profiles. Plus, it also includes four useful tabs: Call Me, Write Me, About Me, Send Me. If you add your phone number and email to Voxini, others will be able to call and email you without needing to know your actual information. About Me is pretty self explanatory – write a little something about yourself. Send Me lets people share your Voxini profile with others via text message.

So now that you get the general idea of Voxini, lets go through the process of setting an actual profile.

Edit Your Social Channels

Upon signing up you’ll need to connect all of your social accounts. As always, this is a process that could be pretty quick or pretty long depending on how many social accounts you need to add. For each site, you’ll see a explanation and an example of what you should be entering in the text box.

Add Your Social Accounts to Voxini

Unfortunately, you’re limited to just one account for each service. So you won’t be able to add multiple websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, etc.

However, I do like that you can see how your mobile landing page will look as you’re adding your accounts. You’ll see a mobile device on the right site of the page that automatically updates each time you add a new account.

Interact With Your Mobile Landing Page on Voxini

As you probably already guessed, this is not a static image, it’s very much dynamic. You can click on each social profile button to see just how your landing page will work when others interact with it. This is also a great way to test each button and make sure that it goes to the proper page.

Upload an Image

The next step is to upload an image. This is not required though and you will be able to skip it. If you prefer not to have a picture, then only your name will be displayed (as pictured above).

Personally, I feel that a picture should be required. As they say, ‘”a picture is worth 1,000 words”. Also, pictures are very important for any brand or individual looking to make a name themselves and want be taken seriously.

Update Your Profile

Lastly you’ll need to edit your actual profile. This is where you can enter basic information like your name, address, and short bio. As mentioned above, the information you enter in the “About Me” section will be displayed in the “About Me” tab on your landing page. So it’s pretty important to have at least a little something here. Also, keep in mind that your address will not be displayed publicly.

Get Your QR Code

After the final step you’ll get your own Voxini URL to share with the world along with your very own QR code. Just to test it out, I scanned the QR code with my iPad, and my Voxini profile does indeed come up. You can try scanning the code below to see for yourself (you’ll need a QR code scanning app for your device).

Share Your Own Personal QR Code With The World

This is definitely a creative way of sharing your social profiles; almost everyone has a URL of some sort to share, but what about a QR code? You don’t see that being used too often. Voxini will give the code in jpg and png format so that you can download them to share on your website, blog, or anywhere else.

View Your Stats

Voxini also provides you with stats regarding your pageviews, scans, visits, and browser version of visitors. Right now it’s in a pretty basic format, but “more comprehensive reporting” is coming soon.

I can confidently say that I’ll be sharing my Voxini QR code on my blogs and using it for networking purposes.

How about you? How do you plan to use Voxini?

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Mobile Downloads Forecast To Reach 98 Billion but Websites Still Sell Stuff

There are people who are unimpressed by what they think are the never ending stream of fads on the Internet. People who follow will remember how video was poised to take over and make content obsolete. Those folks scoffed, and rightfully so, when people said content on websites was going to be replaced by downloads from You Tube.


Then there was social media. Facebook and Twitter were going to change the face of Internet marketing but as of yet they’ve been unable to come up with a way of quantifying the numbers that big business needs before they invest big time. They are still big players on the social scene and something that no business can rightfully ignore, but there’s still a big question mark how it will all fit together when it comes to advertising.

What might be the real champion and the one thing that could very well change the way business does business on the web are mobile downloads. Not because they are especially better at getting the messages across that business wants you to have, but because the masses are speaking and telling ecommerce how they want things done now and in the future.

Big Numbers  

Take a look at the recent numbers that were reported by Berg Insight. Between 2010 and 2015, mobile application downloads will increase by an annual growth rate of 56.6 percent and hit 98 billion a year by the end of that time. This isn’t just a fad or a trend that will find it’s rightful place with the other options people have to get the information they want online, numbers this big are really talking about a game changing event.

So now the real question is what will business do to stay on top of the wave that’s sweeping everyone with any kind of smartphone? How will advertising find the right way to get the message out to the target audience they’re looking for? Maybe part of the answer lies in the news that a business app developer is using a SEM firm to sell their product on, you guessed it, their website.

Branded Business Apps has selected 90octane to handle their SEM campaigns using seo techniques and even a website. It all seems to lead back to that same starting point again and again, and there’s not been a better way developed as yet to get the word out on the goods and services that you’re selling than the website. Mobile apps are huge because everyone can carry them around on their smartphones, but they could very well run into the same road block that other techniques have found when they try to dethrone the website—if it works well there’s no need to fix or change it.


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New SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Card With High Transfer Speeds

SanDisk has recently introduced to us its new microSDXC card for smartphones which will sold for 9.99 per each. Coming with a high transfer speeds, up to 30MB/s and has a huge of storage for photos, apps and full HD video on your smartphone. SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Card This new microSDXC card also [...]


Mobile SEO a must in 2011

By now people would have heard the term "Mobile SEO" but some still thinks of doing SEO to non-mobile friendly sites should take care the conversion part of consumers using mobile devices. Certainly not, I suggest starting a separate mobile site with mobile formatted digital content if you don’t have one.

According to comScore, Mobile search was 9 percent of all queries in 2010 and could grow to 20 percent by 2012. So do you want to be one of the people missing those 20 percent Mobile search audience?

Mobile search engines bots and algorithms are different from web search engines. Googlebot-Mobile and other mobile search engine bots evaluates your mobile site as if they render on mobile phone and they rank results based on how well the site provides information based on mobile user query. The results can be even based on user agent’s evaluation on different handsets like iphone, Erickson phone, LG phone, Blackberry or Samsung phone. To overcome this you need to have the digital content at the top of the page body and an easy site navigation needs to be implemented.

Mobile site SEO is different from normal site SEO. Mobile phone users search behavior is different from desktop users, i.e. Content size, navigational links and user interfaces are different from desktops & laptops to mobile devices.

Here are key points that can help knowing mobile search behavior & optimization

(a) To start with you need to think that you are going to target mobile users and not desktop users. Research & analyze your competitor’s mobile site following factors like mobile user interface, digital content, tags & code.

(b) As said, mobile users are different and as well mobile Search Engines are different like Google Mobile, Yahoo Mobile and Bing Mobile. So do care that your site best fits for mobile users & mobile search bots.

(c) Have a plan to get a dotMobi domain and build your mobile web site, for the best and effective SEO. This has value than '' or ''.

(d)Make sure that you don't use Ajax, frames, flash and other presentations. Make the site simple and clean. This can help the site to load faster and users & bots can take advantage on fast loading site.

(e) Do use compliant markup language and mobile-friendly style sheets (CSS), means WML (or WAP 1.0) / xHTML and make sure you go for W3C's MobileOK guidelines

(f) Confirm that your mobile site code is crawl-able by using proper headers and robots.text file.

(g) Take advantage on the mobile predictive search key phrases that can help your business global & local. Optimize the mobile site based on the most preferred predictive search keyword phrases.

(h) Research your mobile audience and competitors rather than desktop audience and competitors. Optimize your mobile site content with mobile search key phrases and categories that your mobile audience will be using.

Mobile SEO

Keyword Global & local completion for desktop & laptop users

Mobile SEO

Keyword Global & local completion for desktop mobile users

(i) Do make sure that you have good level of outbound links and the navigation is easy for mobile users and bots. Avoid deep & complex navigation for mobile sites.

(j) Have your key digital content placed on the top of the page body as the users and bots will find it easy.

(k) Test your mobile site to make sure that the site works properly across various mobile devices, also make sure that the mobile site loads fast.

(l) If your business is on selling products then go for m-commerce site with mobile compactable product catalog, galleries, shopping basket & billing admin with easy login.

(m) Make sure you have a click to call feature for your mobile site.

(n) If your business covers in global and is based on different locations then think of having multilingual mobile site and optimize based on specific location mobile audience.

(o) Do ping your mobile site to mobile search engines and submit to quality directories to build inlinks.

Plan to work on these points to proceed with good mobile SEO. Configure Google webmaster tool with mobile sitemap.xml & as well Google Analytics for you mobile site and see the difference in your business from your mobile audience.

You may also read SEO related articles below,

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Mobile Web Use in Office Draws Suspicion

Qumu is a business service provider that has done a new study and  found that 74 percent of people surveyed believe people using their mobile devices at the workplace are accessing websites they would not with a company PC for fear of retribution.

Still 37% of those polled think using these devises on the sly in the office is not necessarily becoming an issue. On a lighter note, 63 % of those surveyed have caught colleagues looking at their smartphones during business meetings. Almost half have caught others hiding their mobile devices under tables and another 42% think those coworkers that are excusing themselves from a meeting to go to the washroom are in fact doing so to have a look at these devices.

Still there is a consensus that people who bring these devices to work should be able to use them for work related activities. Sixty one percent of those polled felt there was nothing wrong with using a smartphone for business email or other company related activities.


Google and Bing have got together with Edgenet and partnered for a new SEO product. By buying this new product,  manufacturers can upload product information to the search engines mentioned above so their products can be distributed. However, there is a catch. Any of these items need to meet a minimum score that been set by the engines pertaining to quality.

This latest innovation is called  Ezeedata Search and it makes it possible for companies to get their products listed even when they don’t have a website. What’s interesting here is fact that the manufacturer has complete control and can upload any data meeting the prescribed requirements on an ongoing basis.  The data that the manufacturer wants shared can be hand picked here and this new innovation allows for complete control coupled with an ongoing search existence.

The numbers speak to the need for this innovation. In May of this year, there were 17 billion queries on search engines for goods and services and information about them as well. Brands are using this latest technique to improve their organic results since this trend is indicative of the way consumers are moving as they search online more and more for the products they want.

Beyond just the products the new breed of consumer is looking for recommendations and other attributes in social media as well. The Ezeedata Search is a great way for online retailers to stay ahead of the curve and needs for fresh relevant information that helps the consumer to make their minds up and keeps the products fresh at the same time.

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Mobile Networks/Banking Gaining Momentum

It might be permanent or the recent Internet advertising industry’s fascination with mobile networks and apps might be another passing fancy. It could be  the new app technology that’s just now sprouting wings could be the very thing to knock social media marketing off its pedestal, but regardless of how it all plays out, no serious business owner or marketer can ignore the influence mobile networks are having.

Case in point. Read the news lately and you’ll know  Europe is suffering through the fallout from the Recession ( seems like an oxymoron to use that term now , doesn’t it? ) and  are looking for ways to keep that part of the world afloat. But those Europeans are the seed of civilization and not easily discouraged. A recent report even has them forming an allegiance of sorts as far as mobile networking is concerned.


The leading mobile networks  from across the pond have bonded together to create a network they say will unlock the true potential of this latest innovation.  Everything Everywhere, Vodafone UK and Telefónica UK are the three companies named in this joint venture which will wind up offering the technology needed to make payments easier and quicker for those consumers who are using their smartphones and other technology to buy products. It’s a smart move by these companies to capitalize on the presence of smartphone technology and the inroads  business is making into this territory.


There is every indication this latest news from three big companies in the European theater is much more than a preemptive strike into unknown territory . A recent survey by comScore highlights the fact  Europeans have increased their mobile banking  in the first-quarter of this year by 40%. That translates into approximately 20 million Europeans  checking in on their financial accounts with their banks through smartphone technology. The group that uses the technology the most according to the survey is the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket at 27% but the same research also indicates that less than 30% of people over the age of 45 access their financial banking information over the Internet.

Regardless of how it all plays out after the shine of being the latest technology wears off, mobile applications and smartphones will be the Holy Grail that business has been looking for in the next while and any smart entrepreneurs  will do well to keep their eye on a recent developments in the field.  One clear indication the technology will be here for quite some time is the fact the banks themselves are adopting mobile banking information and making it readily accessible.

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Verizon Now Shipping The Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Verizon has recently started selling the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE mobile hotspot which allows you to connect up to five Wi-Fi devices to the LTE network at the same time.

Powered by an internal 1500mAh battery, the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE mobile hotspot provides up to 216-minute of operation time or up to 9-hour of standby time.

samsung sch lc11 Verizon Now Shipping The Samsung SCH LC11 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Priced at 9.99 without contract or 9.99 with a two-year contract, Verizon will also give you a instant discount if you buy via online store.

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10 killer tips for getting mobile subscribers for your blog

I've just bought a new phone - the Samsung M1. To make the most of it, I've been browsing websites and subscribing to blogs to see what it's like. There are definitely ways to improve the experience for mobile subscribers, along with casual readers. Here are 10 tips that should be of use.

1. Make your feed easy to locate.

It should be at the top of the page, or very close. Pushing your feed to the bottom of the page means that fewer people will subscribe - and mobile users may not subscribe at all.

2. Shorten your feed URL.

Some blogs try to put keywords or even a description in their feed URL, which may be good for SEO, but it's not nice to enter a long URL into your phone. For instance, ProBlogger's blog feed is - this is just too long for mobile users. If your feed URL is already long, you could use a URL shortener to make life easier for mobile subscribers.

3. Use heading styles.

I've banged on about this in several previous posts, but it really becomes obvious if you don't use heading styles when browsing on a phone. Sometimes I do just bold the title of each tip at the start of the paragraph - other blogs may use bold text in a paragraph just before the body text - but this isn't great on a phone. Use a heading style for everything that should be a header - it makes your posts so much easier to browse.

4. Use paragraphs - and keep them short.

I know some bloggers seem to avoid the use of paragraphs, instead preferring to write a huge block of text - and others may use very long paragraphs. On a phone, this is a nightmare. It's tricky to determine how long a paragraph should be, as phones have smaller screens and each line of text will wrap much sooner than it would on a computer. Just try to avoid long paragraphs.

5. Write shorter posts.

If you don't need to write an extra 100-200 words, just don't. Better still, go back and edit out any unnecessary sections of your post if you're basically saying the same thing 3 or 4 times over. For some reason my phone doesn't always display the entire post in my feed, even though the feed itself contains the whole post. And there aren't any page numbers.

If you have something really vital to say in a long post - say it at the start! This is a good rule anyway, as it grabs the attention of a potential reader and gets them to keep on reading.

6. Consider offering a mobile-only feed.

I've always believed in "full feeds" - i.e. showing the full post in the feed, instead of just an excerpt. But as I said in #5, on a phone this may not work as expected. As a mobile user I'd still like to see a full feed, but a summary would probably be OK. That way, I can click through if I want to read the entire post. Avoid title-only feeds though - they are pretty pointless. At least provide a short description on each post.

7. Don't use feed ads.

When every post in a feed has the same annoying ad at the bottom, I see little reason to subscribe. These ads are bad enough in a feed reader. But on a phone, they are incredibly painful to deal with. Bottom line - mobile users won't bother subscribing if you use feed ads.

8. Limit the use of images.

Don't put images in your feed if they'll take ages to download - anything above 100KB is too big. Don't use images that are too tall, or too wide - this will cause horizontal scrolling on a phone. It may be easier just to omit the images from your feed - images can kill the mobile experience.

9. Don't rely on third-party services.

If you must use images or buttons in your posts, at least host them yourself. Loading a website on a phone can take longer than on a computer, and the fewer external resources you link to, the better. Generally this shouldn't be as much of an issue in your feed as on your site, but don't make it a problem just because you want to throw loads of images into your feed.

10. Subscribe to your own blog.

I suggest this anyway, but I strongly recommend subscribing to your blog from your phone, as well as browsing your blog from your phone. If you find any weirdness, you can make changes accordingly. If you've never visited your blog from a phone, you'll be in the dark, and you'll never know if mobile users have a good time on your site - if it loads at all.

Are you a mobile user? Have you subscribed to feeds on your phone? What's the experience like?

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Take screenshots on Windows mobile

There are a couple of  free applications that can be used to take screenshots on Windows mobile smartphones. However, most of them are not suited for latest touch screen mobile devices from HTC, Samsung and other manufactures. Windows mobile 6.5 compatible Whip2Snap is a useful program that does this job easily on high end devices.  [...]
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Blog Your Life With The Sony Bloggie Mobile HD Snap Camera

Sony BloggieWhilst reading the paper yesterday I noticed a competition to win a new video camera called ‘Bloggie‘. There have been lots of great mobile video cameras over the last few years which have been targeted towards video bloggers (e.g. the flip) but Sony’s Bloggie is the first camera from a major electronics company to include the word ‘Blog’ in the name of a device (to my knowledge).

There are two versions of the camera available. The MHS-PM5 is the basic model and retails for 9.99 in the USA. The MHS-CM5 is a little more advanced and looks more like a traditional Handycam. It retails for 9.99. Some regions also have a 2nd version of the basic model called the MHS-PM5K.

Sony Bloggie Comparison

Both models can video record in 1920×1080 HD and 5MP still images and boasts SteadyShot® image stabilization and a built in USB arm for uploading and charging.

There are some differences between the two models. The PM5 has a 2.4″ LCD screen whilst the CM5’s screen is slightly larger at 2.5″. The camera on the PM5 can swivel round 270 degrees but it stationary on the CM5. However, the LCD screen on the PM5 is stationary whilst more advanced CM5 can swivel it’s screen around 270 degrees.

The PM5 can zoom 4 times digitally whilst the more advanced CM5 boasts 20X digital zoon (and 5X optically). For me the biggest difference between the two is the addition of a much needed HDMI output on the CM5, something which I believe should be standard on all full HD devices.

The basic model has a more fun look to it which is reminiscent of the popular Flip camera though I believe the more advanced CM5 offers better value for money as for an extra you get a much stronger zoom and the ability to connect directly to your computer and television using HDMI.

I haven’t tried the Bloggie out yet but it looks like a great option for video bloggers who want to do quick videos for youtube. It comes in a range of colours too so you should find one which fits your personality.

As usual, Sony have used some strange currency converter for us in Europe as the basic PM5 model costs £159.00 and £199.00 for the more advanced CM5 (which at todays rates converts to around 9.40 and 9.62 respectively). Therefore it may be worth importing the Bloggie form North America rather than purchasing it locally.

If you are serious about getting the Sony Bloggie then I would encourage you to go to your local electronics store and try it out in person to see if it does what you need.

Thanks for reading :)


Link: Sony

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Blog Your Life With The Sony Bloggie Mobile HD Snap Camera

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