Get A Mobile Landing Page and QR Code for Your Social Profiles with Voxini

How do you share all of your social profiles and contact info with others? Do you list out your social profiles individually or do you have a single URL to give them? How about your contact information? Do you often give out your email address or phone number even though you would prefer not to? Well Voxini, the easiest way to share your social profiles on mobile devices, has found a simple solution for you.

With Voxini, you get to create a mobile landing page that displays links to all of your social profiles. Plus, it also includes four useful tabs: Call Me, Write Me, About Me, Send Me. If you add your phone number and email to Voxini, others will be able to call and email you without needing to know your actual information. About Me is pretty self explanatory – write a little something about yourself. Send Me lets people share your Voxini profile with others via text message.

So now that you get the general idea of Voxini, lets go through the process of setting an actual profile.

Edit Your Social Channels

Upon signing up you’ll need to connect all of your social accounts. As always, this is a process that could be pretty quick or pretty long depending on how many social accounts you need to add. For each site, you’ll see a explanation and an example of what you should be entering in the text box.

Add Your Social Accounts to Voxini

Unfortunately, you’re limited to just one account for each service. So you won’t be able to add multiple websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, etc.

However, I do like that you can see how your mobile landing page will look as you’re adding your accounts. You’ll see a mobile device on the right site of the page that automatically updates each time you add a new account.

Interact With Your Mobile Landing Page on Voxini

As you probably already guessed, this is not a static image, it’s very much dynamic. You can click on each social profile button to see just how your landing page will work when others interact with it. This is also a great way to test each button and make sure that it goes to the proper page.

Upload an Image

The next step is to upload an image. This is not required though and you will be able to skip it. If you prefer not to have a picture, then only your name will be displayed (as pictured above).

Personally, I feel that a picture should be required. As they say, ‘”a picture is worth 1,000 words”. Also, pictures are very important for any brand or individual looking to make a name themselves and want be taken seriously.

Update Your Profile

Lastly you’ll need to edit your actual profile. This is where you can enter basic information like your name, address, and short bio. As mentioned above, the information you enter in the “About Me” section will be displayed in the “About Me” tab on your landing page. So it’s pretty important to have at least a little something here. Also, keep in mind that your address will not be displayed publicly.

Get Your QR Code

After the final step you’ll get your own Voxini URL to share with the world along with your very own QR code. Just to test it out, I scanned the QR code with my iPad, and my Voxini profile does indeed come up. You can try scanning the code below to see for yourself (you’ll need a QR code scanning app for your device).

Share Your Own Personal QR Code With The World

This is definitely a creative way of sharing your social profiles; almost everyone has a URL of some sort to share, but what about a QR code? You don’t see that being used too often. Voxini will give the code in jpg and png format so that you can download them to share on your website, blog, or anywhere else.

View Your Stats

Voxini also provides you with stats regarding your pageviews, scans, visits, and browser version of visitors. Right now it’s in a pretty basic format, but “more comprehensive reporting” is coming soon.

I can confidently say that I’ll be sharing my Voxini QR code on my blogs and using it for networking purposes.

How about you? How do you plan to use Voxini?

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