Apps For The Rehab Community

This can be a very progressive time in the world and cellular technology has become a very important component of culture and how individuals are able to communicate and share everything from anywhere. Mobile applications for Iphone and Droid have become important resources to help people make their own lives easier and more convenient. Currently there are apps now for just about everything an individual can imagine, meaning there are now apps to help recovering addicts stay sober. Mobile apps may help people who are in situations that trigger their drug addiction press beyond the temptations to use again. There are sober living apps designed to help individuals with alcohol addiction and even ones which can help individuals with addictions to narcotics. Browse for info on alcohol treatment centers in Florida.

Applications For Recovering Alcoholics

There are plenty of free and paid applications designed especially for people who are recently recovered alcoholics. The top free application according to Apple’s App Store is Sponsor Support, which helps individuals going through the Twelve steps of rehabilitation keep track of the amount of days months and years they have long been sober for. It has a feature to instantly call or text help lines or sponsors in times of need. The built in GPS aids recovering alcoholics locate assembly spots for Alcoholics Anonymous group meetings. The leading paid app is 12 Steps AA Companion which is readily available for $3 for Iphone and Android. This application provides the same functions as the free version but also helps addicts by providing them inspirational quotes of the day. It also provides greater than 160 pages from the bible for recovering alcoholics to read through and suggests prayers to study each day.

Apps for Recovering Drug Addicts

Just as there are many apps created specifically to help individuals attending Alcoholics Anonymous, there's also a number of apps specially tailored to suit the needs of individuals that go to Narcotics Anonymous and are also dealing with drug addictions. The top app for recovering drug addicts is actually Friend of Jimmy which can be available for Iphone for under a dollar. Friend of Jimmy is perfect for people that go to Narcotics Anonymous and enables its addicts to see their recovery time broken down into years, months, days, hours and also minutes. Being in the position to track their own progress where ever they go may drastically improve a recovering drug abusers results at avoiding drugs. This kind of application, similar to the apps created to help alcoholics gives inspirational support through a variety of motivational slogans. Addicts also can speak to their sponsor whenever they need them from the touch of a button.

Rehabilitation applications like these are becoming the latest craze and may help people battling drug and alcohol dependency rehabilitation. Avoiding relapse is one of the paramount goals of most rehabilitation treatment clinics and applications like these are making their own jobs easier. The Aa and Narcotics Anonymous apps are an inexpensive and convenient way for people in the recovery community connect with each other and avoid needing relapse treatment. Visit for help with sober living.

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Phoenix Metal and Fence Painting with Electrostatic Painting

In sunny Phoenix, steel and fence painting strategies could aid bring back the allure of your metal-fence job while stopping heat-related damage that may be resulted in by the blistering sunshine. Thinking about the variety of days that outdoor decorated surfaces are exposed to the Phoenix sun, steel work as well as metal fencing takes a beating. Conventional paints that work in other areas of the nation won't last as long on metal areas that are exposed to consistent sunlight, dryness, dirt, and also dust. The dusty environment asks for advanced paints as well as painting procedures that will definitely last considerably longer than traditional painting strategies.

Contemporary Phoenix Metal and Fence Painting

The standard means of fence painting (an old-fashioned container and also paint brush) is a money-saving method to quickly strengthen the look of steel work around your property or office. The issue with Phoenix metal as well as fence painting making use of typical strategies is that the paint can easily not stand up to the hot, dry, and also sun-drenched days that the region is understood for having. Warmth and also sun-damage sources standard paints to fade, bubble, and strip on textured areas such as wood as well as concrete-- glossy areas like plastic or steel don't stand a chance of hanging on to decorate for more than a year or 2.

Electrostatic painting is a Phoenix metal fence painting procedure that functions to abide by metal, while delivering lasting appeal. Specialist painters make use of powdered or atomized liquid paint that is electrically charged and an unique application device to splash the paint. Due to the fact that steel is conductive, the charged paint fragments are instantly brought in to the item and will adhere easily. Electrostatic charged paint particles adhere to the steel job as well as develop a long-lasting bond with the area of your fence. If you are obtaining professional residential painting solutions for your home in Phoenix, providing electrostatic fence painting may deliver the finishing touches to your job.

Preparing for Electrostatic Steel Painting

Expert Phoenix metal and also fence painters commonly start by prepping the steel surface to be painted. This incorporates utilizing air blasts, sanding wheels, and also tiny brushes to remove all particles or dirt and also rust from the metal work. It can be detail oriented job if the steel is ornately designed, so air-powered tools are often used by experts to make sure 100 % of the metal area is cleansed and also easy. Sanding tools could even be utilized to clear any type of nicks or knots in the metal as well as any type of notches will certainly be plugged. Next, a qualified artist will clean the surface of the steel work or fence with a dry cloth to eliminate any type of unwanted dirt caused by sanding and also particles extraction. It is important for the surface of the metal to be totally free of clutter before painting starts. Final preparations before electrostatic painting incorporate drop-cloths as well as tarps to safeguard foliage and also neighboring frameworks such as cement blog posts or the sides of buildings. While electrostatic painting adheres directly to the charged surface, some particulate paint may escape, therefore care is taken to defend the encompassing location.

Electrostatic painting is ideal when left up to qualified artists that are proficient with this procedure of painting. The specialists at can help you make the right choice regarding your steel painting projects and all of your domestic as well as business painting needs.

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The Genetics Guiding Addiction

During the last couple of decades, researchers have really been making an effort to find distinct genes that may be linked to drug and alcohol addiction. Virtually all of their results suggest that numerous addicts are in reality genetically prone to having drug or alcohol related issues since their family possesses a record of addiction. It can often be beneficial for an addict in treatment to get involved with a family addiction outreach program and go through family counseling. Most of these programs are designed to help the whole family recognize their own challenges and become much more supportive of one another. Check out for more information on family outreach programs.

Studies Show Evidence of Genes Linked with Addiction

Experts have managed to find certain genes which are tied to multiple forms of addiction. In a 2009 edition of Nature Reviews Genetics, scientists released data that discovered that there are specific alleles of genes located on Eleven chromosomes which are directly tied to various reactions in drugs and alcohol. A lot of people are actually genetically more vulnerable to developing addictions than other people as these genes trigger their bodies to respond differently to substances.

Distinct Reactions Noted

Researchers were able to actually track how particular alleles of different genes cause very different reactions to drugs and alcohol in different individuals. The geneticists have found that lab mice selectively bred not to develop the serotonin receptor gene Htr1b are far more drawn to cocaine and alcohol. In addition, laboratory rats that had higher levels of the natural chemical neuropeptide Y weren't very interested in alcohol, as opposed to mice that had low levels of it were extremely drawn to alcohol. The majority of of the discoveries are in mice, because it is challenging to study humans that closely. However researchers were able to observe some genes in humans that cause distinct responses, including the A1 allele of the dopamine receptor gene DRD2. When the A1 allele exists within the human brain, the individual is more prone to be addicted to alcohol or cocaine.

Genetics Does Not Determine Everything

Though geneticists have found several links between hereditary makeup and drug addiction, genetics definitely doesn’t entirely determine if someone will be a drug addict or not. A lot of factors go into determining if a person may become a drug or alcohol abuser, such as how exposed to the drugs the individual is when they are young. Yet another big factor that can determine whether a person may become addicted is where they grew up and how much income their family had. Due to the fact genes are only partly the cause of drug addictions, it is very possible to break from the family track record and live without addiction.

Substance addiction is often at least to some degree linked to genetics, so it is important for a person to know their family’s addiction history in order to see if they are more susceptible to drug or alcohol addiction themselves. For families with a long history of drug abuse, it is important to seek family addiction outreach programs when trying to get clean. Family counseling is very important for families with a history of substance abuse. Go to for helpful information on family counseling.

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Exactly how Rehabilitation High Schools Are Helping Teenagers Remain Clean

As everyone knows, adolescence can be a very challenging and complicated period in a person’s life. That is why lots of teens succumb to the trap of alcohol and drug addiction and need treatment with addiction detox. It usually is tough for any teenager to understand, let alone, overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs or go through ecstasy detox. Luckily, a different trend has emerged which is geared towards supporting these adolescents who are being affected by the problems of adolescence and addiction. Innovative high schools are being opened which are focusing on these young people so they can come and learn in a caring environment which helps their learning, as well as their troubles with alcohol and drugs.


The 1st of the schools, suitably labeled “Sobriety High”, began in 1987 in Minnesota. Today, there are approximately 35 of these types of establishments that are aimed to assist teenagers deal with their problems, while at the same time giving them an excellent education which they would've received in standard high schools. There's more than two million teenagers in this country that are eligible for these kinds of schools, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In the event that those students who are hooked on drugs and alcohol enter into a typical treatment center, away from high school, and then return to regular high school when they are finished, three quarters of them are likely to backslide, according to new information. Andrew Finch, an instructor at Vanderbilt College, who has been exploring teen addiction for years states, “Many of these teens are offered their previous drug of choice on their first day back in school. It’s going to be much harder to stay with that decision to stop, if all of your buddies are continuing to use.”

New Strategies

One of the newer sober schools, in Massachusetts, is Northshore Recovery High. The principal, Michelle Lipinski, established the school in August 2005 after she grew weary of going to memorials for students who overdosed on drugs. “I didn’t want to go to any more funerals. These students have a really important story to tell, it’s not just about addiction,” she says. Northshore is publically funded by the state of Massachusetts, and is reliant less on traditional, regimented course matter than standard high schools. Instead, there's a larger focus on self-expression and the arts. “Recovery doesn’t have to be painful. It can also be fun and exciting and rewarding. There’s no such thing as enabling at the school. We don’t give up on these kids, and they don’t give up on each other.”

These kinds of schools are the perfect means for teenagers that are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol to get aid, while continuing with their academic education. More and more states are looking at how they could implement these kinds of schools into their districts so that they can also see the volume of teenagers who overdose or need "ecstasy detox go down. If you or someone you know is a teen who is struggling in class due to alcohol or drugs, consider seeing if your area has any sober high schools. These are an excellent resource for teenagers who wish to get help getting clean without undergoing drug detoxification while remaining in a high school atmosphere.

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Spanking Raises Children’s Chance for Drug Abuse

A new study which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, discovered that children who had been spanked or hit as kids were more likely to develop mental health issues as grown ups. The actual record explained that physical punishment as children has led these individuals to drug addiction and other mental health conditions. The actual study revealed that children who had been spanked, grabbed, or hit in public areas or private settings were nearly 60 % likelier to use drugs as grownups. Several of these individuals will need to seek out residential rehab services to get aid later on. Check out for more information on residential rehab.

The Study

Researchers performing the analysis looked at info found in the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions which had taken information from more than Six-hundred adults for their scientific study. The scientists concentrated on people that reported being spanked, smacked, hit or pushed around as children, but omitted the individuals that had been sexually mistreated. In the past, researchers have discovered a correlation between children that had been sexually abused and their inclinations to develop drug or mental health conditions as grownups.

Corporal Punishment

This study was unique in that it didn't take into account the adults that were sexually mistreated as children; instead it focused solely on people who received physical abuse. 41% of the individuals that reported being smacked or spanked as kids also reported troubles with major depression or manic episodes. It was also noted that drug or alcohol abuse was much more common in the individuals that received corporal punishment as kids compared to those that were not struck or pushed.

Alternative Punishments

Because there are definitive results that demonstrate that physical abuse of kids is raising the amount of mental health problems in adults, it is wise to find different methods to punish kids. The majority of mothers and fathers begin by taking privileges from their children, like television or game time. One other alternative way of disciplining children is to increase the amount of time they must do school work, or increase the amount of house chores they have for a week. This can also be a risky approach, as connecting school work or chores as a punishment might cause the child to want to do less school work or chores in the long term.

The Best Option

Children, very similar to grown ups are prone to making mistakes. Punishing a grownup for not putting a cover sheet on his or her report by slapping them in the face would not feel like an appropriate course of action. The same should be true when dealing with children, there are much better methods to correct a habit than by physical violence.

For those individuals that were spanked and hit as children, they shouldn't follow their parent’s approaches. No mom or dad wants their child to develop a drug addiction, particularly as an immediate consequence of getting spanked or shoved around. The best thing to do is teach them why what they did was wrong and present them a way to fix the problem before they find themselves in a residential rehab facility as adults. Go to for more info on drug addiction.

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Warning signs Your Child Might Have an Opiate Dependence

Opiate addiction and misuse are rapidly turning out to be a crisis across the nation. Prescriptions for artificial Opiates, like Oxycodone are certainly easy to acquire, and lots of people are making the most of this being an opportunity to re-sell these harmful drugs to any recreational user who has the funds to pay for them; such as teenagers and young adults. Opiates happen to be tremendously addictive and may be dangerous if misused or mixed with other harmful drugs. As soon as a user has grown to become dependent, they'll have to undergo opiate detox to get over the habit.

What are Opiates?

Opiates along with opioids are narcotic pain killers made from the opium poppy plant. These include natural medicines derived from the poppy plant, such as morphine, codeine, and heroin. This also consists of the man made drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone.

Opiate Uses and Side effects

Opiates are designed to alleviate serious discomfort, and therefore are regularly prescribed by doctors to people who have back, neck, or joint injuries. These drugs are also used as an effective long term strategy to alleviate people who have persistent pain as a result of cancer. The effects of the drugs briefly block the pain receptors in the brain and produce a relaxed euphoric sensation. But, these prescription drugs additionally impede the body’s Central Nervous System and may induce respiratory system depression, which unfortunately leaves the entire body and brain starved from o2. The majority of fatalities arise because of this side effect.

How to Recognize if Your Child is Using Opiates

As opposed to alcohol consumption or marijuana use, which often can typically be identified by a specific aroma, opiate abusers are frequently tougher to detect. A lot of these drugs tend to be new to the market and some people are not educated on the way to find the signs of addiction. However, there a couple of physical and behavioral signs to watch out for in your child.

Physical Indicators

Opiate addicts can often be recognized by taking a look at his or her pupils. The drug trigger the pupils to shrink to the size of pin tips. An additional observable indication of opiate dependency is quick weight loss. The compounds within opiates trigger many gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and also appetite loss. Another indication of opiate use is sleepiness because these drugs slow down the CNS, making it challenging for the addict to stay conscious.

Adjustments in Actions

Look for diminished levels of attendance and slipping grades in classes. It is almost impossible to keep up a drug habit plus a complete school routine. These addicts typically express a loss of concern in family group gatherings and may often be incredibly cranky and irritable. The addict might also grow to be extremely private about their lives. The most significant red flag to search for is a drastic change in their particular money situation. Opiates are quite addicting and abusers may become quite focused on how they will be able to pay for their addiction. A revealing sign of a drug problem is some money or even valuable items missing in the household.

Acquiring Help

Opiate addiction is really difficult to break, nevertheless Opiate detoxification is quite doable and users will be able to overcome their habit by taking the correct actions. Opiate detoxification is a painful experience, that can cause the user to show extremely strong flu like signs and symptoms for an estimated 72 hours during the detox process. Even though you can perform an at-home opiate detox, it’s truly recommended to enlist specialist help. Depending on the level of dependence, additional opiates, like methadone may need to be utilized to taper the abuser off of the original opiate they grew to be addicted to.

Without taking the correct actions in order to overcome the dependence, the user may become increasingly more reliant on the drug and thus bring about permanent harm to their body. Opiate addiction can become devastating if it is not treated. If you suspect an opiate addiction in a family member, try to get opiate detoxification right away, it can save their life.

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Ceasing Really Bad Habits – Crystal Meth Detoxification Treatment solutions

Since 2008, crystal meth has been basking in the limelight of the success of AMC’s Emmy award-winning tv series, Breaking Bad. Through several seasons of paying attention to Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White construct chemically ideal crystal meth, the American public is now so wrapped up in the Tv version of the world of crystal meth that most of us appear to have ignored just how substantial the problem is all around the U . S .. Crystal meth dependency is a very serious issue in the states a lot of people need guidance searching for crystal meth detox treatment solutions to get rid of their very own bad drug addiction.

Crystal Meth

Crystal methamphetamine, often called ice, meth, and even glass is an illicit stimulant that is incredibly addictive. Crystal meth is a very prevalent substance because of its cheap price and availability. Consumers of crystal meth may feel very similar sensations to the individuals that take cocaine, except for the symptoms carry on for a longer time and it’s substantially less high-priced and difficult to locate. Strong stimulant drugs like crystal meth cause the individuals heart to race, their eyes to dilate and an overall sense of power and liveliness. All of these desirable symptoms of power and energy can come at a very high price though, as frequently the side effects of crystal meth misuse are really damaging.

Negative Effects of Crystal Meth Dependency

Crystal meth has actually been linked to intense emotions and thoughts of fear and anxiety in its consumers, which can be followed by periods of psychotic violent behavior. Meth additionally takes a serious toll upon the actual whole body of the individual, breaking down human body tissues as well as causing it to be hard for crystal meth addict’s bodies to successfully repair themselves. The extraordinary energy levels and fear can lead to crystal meth abusers to grind their teeth, subsequently causing them to rot and drop out. After a while the user’s whole body builds up an addiction on the toxins inside crystal meth, causing terrible withdrawal sensations between dosages of the illegal substance. Crystal Meth Detox Some of the detoxification program related to getting crystal meth out from the individuals body fully can be quite a grueling enterprise. Withdrawal conditions from crystal meth may last for days or even weeks depending on how much time an individual has actually been addicted along with just how raised their specific tolerance level is really. The main difficulties experienced by crystal meth abusers are typically emotional. In the course of the crystal meth detox treatment, typically the addict might suffer from an intensive craving for the illegal drug not to mention challenges getting to sleep, as well as , emotions and thoughts of panic and anxiety. Due to the unpleasant nature of these kinds of symptoms, it is a good idea that anybody starting detox, do so from a rehabilitation facility with a premium quality, skilled working team.

Crystal meth abuse is not only a predicament facing characters on Breaking Bad, it's a really real problem which should trouble those who have ever known someone who utilizes crystal meth. Without adequate treatment including a crystal meth detoxification plan, individuals are destined in an continuous cycle of wrestling with the law of diminishing returns with their high, leading these people to continue to poison their selves with crystal meth. For those who have a loved one with a crystal meth problem, there are treatment plans available. One call could very well help save someone you love

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Food and drug administration Evaluating Approval of Oxycodone for Children

Recently, Purdue Pharma, the producer of the doctor prescribed pain-killer OxyContin confirmed that they are actually going to start measuring the effects of oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin in kids. Over 100 children between the ages of Six and 17 are going to be involved in the study. Currently, theFood and Drug Administration has not yet approved OxyContin for use in children. Oxycodone as well as other opioid drugs are really addictive and push many people to seek private prescription drug addiction treatment centers in order to eventually get clean of the drugs. Check out for more info on treatment options.

The Study

Purdue Pharmaceutical will be testing the children to evaluate the safety of the tablet form of the medication. These children selected to get tested are all affected by various kinds of painful illnesses and injuries such as cancer or post-operative pain, as well as serious burns and acute pains. The study will figure out if the pill produces any significantly different reactions in kids than it does in adults. Purdue Pharma’s desire is not that the drug gets approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in children, but rather to be sure that children aren’t getting refused the therapy OxyContin can give.

Possible Drawbacks

The problems associated with oxycodone use are that it can be dangerous as well as intensely addicting. Opioid drugs, including OxyContin are derived from the Asian opium poppy plant, which is the very same plant that is used to make heroin. Doctor prescribed opioid drugs produce the very same sensations that shooting up a needle filled with heroin would. These types of opioids create a negative effect on the body’s central nervous system, slowing heartrate and making breathing more challenging. This effect are often exacerbated by taking too big of a dosage or even mixing the drug with some other dangerous substances like alcohol.

Children Becoming Addicts

Oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin, binds to the pain receptors in the brain and prevents the sensation of pain from the patient. Unfortunately, the body becomes dependent on the chemical and develops a tolerance. Which means that in the event the individual attempts to quit taking the drug, their body suffers from withdrawals. Children are particularly prone to addiction because they don’t know the dangers of the drug. It can be extremely tough to get kids off addictive drugs. If they do become addicted, they'll have problems as adults finding or maintaining employment or simply getting through highschool due to just how much the drug will control their lives.

Every child really should be very closely and carefully monitored if they're prescribed oxycodone on account of just how dangerous the drug is. Throughout the last year, doctors have written more than 5.6 million prescriptions for OxyContin. If the FDA approves its use in pediatrics, that number would certainly increase significantly. Purdue Pharma would likely stand to experience a windfall if it were approved, but they could be putting a number of kids in pointless danger. Kids should never need to go to private prescription drug addiction treatment centers just because a couple of pharmaceutical companies want to make extra money. Check out for more information on oxycodone.

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Phoenix Air Conditioning Routine maintenance Agreement

Living in a dry, warm environment can be hard on your HVAC system. A Phoenix air conditioning maintenance agreement can be one of the best decisions you'll make relating to your residence or place of work in terms of power expenses and also preventing mend problems. Some problems may take place unexpectedly and also via little or no notice that there is a problem. Without a maintenance agreement to help stop damage and also maintain fees as economical as possible, your residence or office can easily come to be sweltering as you try to find a professional to make maintenances.

What is a Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement?

An upkeep arrangement is merely a contract between you (or your company) and also a nearby air conditioning maintenance business that provides for routine assessment and servicing to prevent several of the unexpected problems that can easily occur with your HVAC system. Much like any other working machine, your air conditioner needs normal routine maintenance to prevent parts from coming to be stopped up or ruined. At some point, back logged systems, low air circulation, as well as ruined elements could result in expensive repairs as well as often-- a complete failure of your air conditioning system.

A Phoenix air conditioning upkeep contract will assist avoid the step-by-step damage that can occur to your system and delivers a means for you to service your AC system at a reduced cost. Not all repairs and maintenance agreements are equal, but many are reasonable. If you reside in a spot where there is commonly mud, dirt, as well as other fragments in the air, these contaminants can conveniently lead to issues for your HVAC unit, making frequent servicing an important part of shielding your investment in a HVAC system. It is likewise vital for the health of your workers or loved ones, because airborne allergens in your AC system may lead to or magnify illnesses. Flu virus period is a crucial season to be sure your AC system is clean and performing correctly. (View: Your AC System and Influenza Period.)

Exactly what does it deal with?

Phoenix air conditioning upkeep arrangements deal with regular repair works for your residential or workplace's overall HVAC system. While many think of the 'air conditioner' to be an unit that rests outside of the residential or workplace, the fact is that there is an entire system throughout your house or workplace that may become worn, damaged, or grimy. This is why most maintenance arrangements deal with not only the outside system, yet even the inside workings of the system, consisting of filters and duct work.
A normal Phoenix air conditioning routine maintenance agreement commonly deals with:
HVAC system clean-up (exterior and interior components)
Freon servicing
Thermostat calibration
Removing drain lines
Cleaning and mend slight ductwork problems
Filter Replacement
Exam and washing of HVAC electrical factors
System examinations to identify fails or limited ventilation
Phoenix air conditioning repairs and maintenance contracts are easy to negotiate with the help of the professionals at Phoenix HVAC Pros. Discover more about HVAC patch, installation, routine maintenance, and arrangements by checking out Professionals in air conditioning maintenance arrangements could assist you locate a cost effective contract in Phoenix via an uncomplicated telephone call.

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PTSD and Addiction in Women

The proportion of women who suffer from drug abuse in addition to a variety of mental health problems like post-traumatic stress disorder, panic and clinical depression problems is much higher than it actually is for men. Which means that there exists a fairly clear link between mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction in females. Lots of women are afflicted by these types of psychological conditions because they had been either physically or sexually mistreated and it makes them turn to alcohol and drugs to manage the stress. Some of these females will need to get dual diagnosis treatment whenever they check into drug rehab to enable them to be cared for correctly. Several of these females could also have to be put into a separate womens program given that a lot of their psychological triggers are linked to the opposite gender. Check out for more information on women’s programs.

Problems Affecting Females

All through history, women have been urged to self-medicate to deal with their emotional issues as well as the physical symptoms of the menstrual period. Along with all that suggested self-medication, women are put through more psychological and sexual mistreatment than men are which frequently causes panic and anxiety. The most common remedy for stress and anxiety is psychotropic medication like Xanax or valium which are usually prescribed to calm these females down, instead of attempting to deal with these symptoms holistically.


A lot of people think about troops returning from combat whenever they think of somebody being affected by PTSD, but the truth is more often than not it is actually women who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused who suffer from the disorder. Women struggle with PTSD on a regular basis and it mostly goes unnoticed by the public. The women affected by this psychological disorder are much more likely to drinking more and treating themselves with prescription drugs like Xanax and other benzodiazepines. These individuals can subsequently become addicted to these pills and end up abusing them for the majority of their lives.

Substance Addiction in Women

Research recently completed by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found that females tend to be more easily addicted to alcohol and drugs than men. Men have more water inside their bodies to dilute drugs that enter the body, women have a lot more fatty tissue which hold the chemicals for a longer time which can cause them to become addicted to alcohol or drugs after having a much smaller dose than males. Women experience the effects of drugs and alcohol sooner and more intense than men.

The problem with a lot of drug abuse cases involving females is they are suffering from more than simply the substance problem. Often, women need dual diagnosis treatment programs at rehab facilities in order to treat the mental health issues beyond the physical drug or alcohol addiction. In order to get to the real root of their addictions, a womens program can help these women figure out what emotional trigger is causing them to use drugs. By treating both problems at the same time, these women will have a much better chance of making a full recovery. Check out more information on dual diagnosis.

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