Google’s +1 Button Coming to AdSense

Curious as it sounds, Google announced today that it will be introducing the +1 button (the one you already see on search results and pages around the web) on AdSense units. That’s right, web users will be able to vote up on the ads that are showing.


Here’s a quote from the official announcement (you can read the full article here: +1: Now making Display ads more relevant):

Starting in October, the +1 button will begin to appear on display ads on your site. With a single click, people will now be able to endorse specific ads and make them more likely to appear to their social connections. We believe that these recommendations could lead your readers to notice ads on your site more, leading to more clicks and higher returns for you over time.

For example, take Susan, who sees an ad for a good deal on flights. She +1’s the ad, thinking her friends might value this deal. Now, when Susan’s friends and contacts are signed in to their Google accounts, they’ll be able to see Susan’s picture across the bottom of the ad, with a note saying she +1’d it.

The downside is that the ads will look a bit more cluttered now. The upside is that the ads might become more relevant indeed (still to be seen), and the presence of faces of people at the bottom of the ads, including some of your friends, might increase the CTR on AdSense units.

We’ll need to wait until October to say. And before you ask, nope, +1 clicks won’t generate any revenue.

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