First Yearly Micro-Brew Beer Festival In West Palm Beach Highly Successful

On July 28th 2012 Palm Beach County organized their first craft beer festival. The celebration showcased beers from over Thirty-five micro-brew beer makers in the south Florida area. Many different breweries coming from all over south Florida were available even Due South, a Delray Beach craft beer brewery, offered free samples. This type of affair is really a fad in the area with more places offering craft beers rather than just domestic beers on tap. It’s growing to be such a large trend that even Burgers Delray has to offer have started to offer craft or micro-brewed beers on their own menus.

West Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival

The First yearly Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival was really a celebration of wonderful craft beers in the South Florida region. The actual festival showcased not merely free samplings from over Thirty five craft breweries, but in addition presented a ton of live entertainment and other activities for attendees to take part in. Live music was played by terrific hometown artists including The Resolvers, Ketchy Shuby, Big Poppa E, and Guy Harvey. The individuals that attended the festival got to sample free food from local restaurants and food markets that sponsored the festival and also had the chance to take part in events to win prizes. The largest prize available was the $500 cash reward for the champion of the finest Home Brew Competition. Other features of the big event were balloon rides as well as an inflatable surf simulator, which were both equally popular with attendees.

Is The Micro-brew Beer Trend Here to Stay?

The majority of people had not even heard about the phrase “craft beer” five years ago, and today it feels like every single bar and restaurant in south florida is starting to promote craft beers. One of the fastest growing craft beer companies, World Of Beer has grown from a single location in 2007 to owning more than Thirty locations today plus they are planning to open 8 more bars by the end of the year. Micro-brew beer is definitely a very hot trend at this time and it appears to still be growing in popularity. In just a couple of visits to bars like World Of Beer, consumers can journey around the world of beer from one seat. Venues such as this typically offer rewards to individuals such as receiving a with their name on it when they reach a milestone of drinking a particular number of beers.

The fad has gained so much popularity that even restaurants nearby, have began selling Delray Beach micro-brews. Festivals like the First annual Palm Beach Craft Beer Festival will continue to bring in massive crowds of people wishing to taste new brews from all around the world. If you are looking for a great burger restaurant Delray make sure to consider the ones that were featured in the festival. The best part from the West Palm Beach Micro-brew Beer Festival was that proceeds from the big event went to some really great charities. The money earned by the event was handed to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center as well as the Surfrider Foundation, both great charities which help protect our environment.

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