Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Blog Tagline

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Blog Tagline

"Tagline" by Anders Adermark


Your blog’s tagline is a bit like a company mission statement. If you come up with “a rule to live by”, you’re probably already doing it; if you come up with something too fancy, you probably won’t remember it.

I’ve changed my tagline so many times at, I’ve all but given up trying to find one that fits for everything I want to write about. I think it’s what happens when you’re interested in so many different things. Over the years, I’ve written about some of the following topics: blogging, social media, web development, user experience, software testing, business, music, life in general, and a few other topics I can’t remember right now.

I’ve tried splitting my blog into several smaller blogs, but this means I spread myself too thinly, and every blog suffers. I’ve tried choosing just one niche, but I run out of topics too quickly. I’m interested in all of the aforementioned topics, but I don’t have enough to say about any of them to have a long-running blog.

I’ve also tried to choose a tagline that works for most of my topics, but I’ve yet to find one that works. The best I’ve come up with so far is “No tagline required”, which isn’t really any better than no tagline at all. In the past I’ve also tried “A cynical look at the web”, which is quite good, but not particularly accurate; I also tried “On the fence”, but that lasted for just 2 or 3 posts before I ditched it.

So what can you learn from this? Don’t worry too much about your tagline. If you can find one, great; if not, don’t fret. I do think it’s logical to decide what your blog will be about, but if you’re a good writer (as I hope I am for the most part), you should be able to convince readers to stick with you even if your interests are as varied as mine. OK, I admit, my interests aren’t all that varied – I don’t usually write about “outdoor activities”. (Perhaps a good tagline would be, “How much fun can you have indoors?”)

Over to You

What’s your tagline? How did you come up with it? What’s the best and worst taglines you’ve seen?

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