5 Core Components of Success; The Keys to Success

There are many keys to success and you can find lists of them everywhere. Everyone has their own idea of what creates success. After studying some of those lists, I’ve found there are a few core components to success and without these you likely won’t be as successful as you’d like.

5 Core Components of Success

Mindset – Without a success mindset the rest of these components won’t have as much power as they could. You have to decide to be successful, believe you will be successful and then do what it takes to reach that goal. Successful people have the mindset of keeping their eye on the goal. Yes, they run into obstacles along the way, but instead of focusing on the obstacle, they merely find a way around it by keeping their goal in mind.

Focus – Bob Proctor defines focus as “conscious intensity.” Being consciously aware means you are actively working to stay focused on your goals. Your mind may stray several hundred times per day. Simply acknowledge it and bring it back to focus on the task at hand and on your long term goal. Reminding yourself of your goal will help you regain your focus quicker than trying to force it.

Dedication – Being dedicated is simply a habit that you create by staying focused on your goal. You can’t be dedicated to something you only feel half-hearted about. If you’re working on a project that you can’t seem to focus on and put off working on it, it’s likely you aren’t dedicated to it. Think about whether this project is crucial to your main goal. Is it a necessary aspect to reach your goal or is it just a side project you thought you’d like to work on?

If it doesn’t fit your goal and you’re not passionate about it, then you can’t be dedicated to it. Always keep your focus on your main goal. That’s the best way to become passionate and dedicated.

Discipline – Lack of discipline is probably the number one success killer. At least it ranks up there with a poor mindset. Without discipline, nothing gets accomplished. Discipline is simply the ability to give yourself a command and then follow through with it. Of course, being disciplined isn’t simple and it takes work. However, if you have the mindset, the focus and dedication to achieve your goal, the discipline part will come a lot easier. We often procrastinate because those first 3 keys to success just aren’t in place.

Will – The will to do something or to create success is another big key to success. Without will, very little in life is ever possible.

You hear many stories of people who should not have survived a traffic accident or they were stranded in awful conditions, but they lived. It’s said they had a strong will to live. You could also say that dying wasn’t an option for them.

When you set your goals and strive for success you have to possess the will to do it and remove failure as an option.

Having the will to be successful will help you build the mindset of success. It will help you keep your focus and dedication, which will lead to discipline.

Like I said, there are many keys to success, but if these 5 core components aren’t in place, it’s highly unlikely that success will ever happen.

Take some time each day to consider these 5 core components of success. Work on each one consistently and you will achieve more success.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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